Friday, May 18, 2007

Tough Day (cont.)

It was getting late last night so I had to cut off.

So after munching on some Edam cheese, a semi-soft and mild Dutch cheese, we began work on the cousin Wim is a computer tech so at one time we had 5 computers going all at the same time trying to connect to his network. In the wake of our attempt we sucked down a tasty beverage called Rosen Stroop. It is actually made of Rose Syrup with an inviting sweetness backgrounded with a huge floral scent of actual roses. Mix that with water over ice and we had a refreshing drink to watch the sunset at 10:30pm....that's right, 10:30 at night!!

Anyhow, as Wim was working on the computers we ran into a problem with Nicole's work computer. As one thing led to another and one attempt to fix the problem happened we ended up getting locked out entirely of the computer. That all being said, Nicole handled it well, but it has us both a little stressed as we attempt to fix it. I know it will get fixed, but we will be in touch with the Nestle IT team.

Today we have no plans, but to go to the is the main city area in Amersfoort. It is actually a fort surrounded by a moat or canal, whatever you want to call it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony and Nicole

three things

I am jealous and we miss you

Did you shave? or is that an old picture-I love the clean look

You are a great writer, maybe you should do something along that line as well


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys-

Thanks for keeping me in "the loop" of your Culinary Journey. I'm jealous.

Have a great time on your adventure!


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